Biography Sina micro blog acquisition of such network founder Liu Jun joined Baidu

[review] Liu Jun last year to the Tencent technology admitted that sina is so the earliest investors, Sina has established investment so early.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on September 10th

China search engine market is constantly shuffling, a general search, after the NetEase exit immediately after the merger brewing Pangu an independent search engine, but also encounter mistakes. Tencent science and technology learned from a number of insiders, and so was the acquisition of sina micro-blog, most of the staff left, founder Liu Jun will join Baidu. However, Liu Jun did not comment on the acceptance of Tencent technology connection.

as the original Google (micro-blog) Chinese first few core members of Liu Jun, has been a concern, Liu Jun in charge of web search technology related research and development work, more than 2 years ago that Google was formed more than 10 technical talent team based on the start of capital. As a Google search engine company founded by the elite, so there is a unique temperament.

informed sources, multiple time business for two years, so there is not much loss, and people in search of cooperation, help the National Library of Tianjin Jianwen big gains in search. Data shows, and so on with the CCID Consulting together last year jointly awarded the National Library, the amount of about 60000000 yuan. After the completion of the National Library project, so not only will not lose money, but also gain.

and so on entrepreneurship is in Hailong building was more than and 10, sitting in an empty office, a line of code is completely rewritten. But soon, so the expansion of scale to more than and 100 people, last year’s peak and reached 240, and moved to AVIC Qingyun Industrial Park, the original abandoned aircraft factories into the office.

everything is thriving, the drama has suddenly reversed. So this year suffered a major accident, in (603000) deputy editor Zhang Shanju airborne as deputy general manager in daily work, deputy general manager Wang Jiang took over the chief scientist Liu Jun is responsible for the research and development work, and so on instantly search network cooperation almost to a standstill. Such network engineers have been withdrawn from the immediate search, so that the network is no longer using instant search server.

technology insider Tencent said, since this year there have been such a network of staff turnover, a recent period of time is particularly serious, a number of departments including the marketing department, has been dissolved, leaving employees get N+1 compensation. Liu Jun has signed an agreement with sina micro-blog, and so will be transferred to Sina micro-blog network. There are employees who lamented the Tencent science and technology, said: things are very suddenly."

it is also expected that sina and so on in the capital has been very deep cooperation. As early as the beginning of the establishment of the industry that rumors from the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog), sina CEO where there is a $50 million investment in. Last year, Liu Jun admitted to the science and technology of Tencent, sina is the first investor, such as the beginning of the establishment of sina investment.

Sina and so on cooperation as early as a year ago has begun

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