Subversion of traditional marketing King Or the enemy

      2006 April, Kentucky in the Chinese major television launched a 45 second TV ads, the 3 are preparing for the college entrance examination partner story: Boys Small East diligence, but also in the KFC restaurant for the other girls and a boy dressed in red makeup, but he does not eat kfc". The final result of the college entrance examination to the audience unexpected: the red dress to eat KFC and not seriously study the boys, and the girls are admitted to the University of Beijing. The formation of a huge contrast is serious and also the makeup of the study partner is small east entrance exam.

      "three high school students preparing for the college entrance examination, two had KFC, a serious reading did not eat, do not eat the KFC turned out to be not admitted, KFC eat every day to play the male students admitted to the University of Beijing!" the morning of April 6, 2006, "edge to end users you ha ha" at the end of the world "fashion" version of a report entitled "KFC now put Dragon Twister advertising good too" post, questioned the KFC advertisement. Post one, the number of users have to express their views, the formation of hot posts. Tianya fashion editors will then recommend the post yingzi fashion channel home and the end of the world focusing page, a few days immediately attracted more than tens of thousands of hits.

      April 11th, Tianya users as a newspaper reporter for the post first reported the matter, then lead to some domestic and foreign websites in April 16th; and 20, Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" and its "Zaobao" were also follow up revealed this thing; then, domestic London NetEase, and other mainstream sites and Oriental Morning Post, Nanfang Daily and other mainstream media have made this event tracking reports. As of April 20th, the post hits has reached 75431 times.

      Kentucky in April 13th ended "encourage" television ads, and proceed to modify the content of the advertising film. A week later, on April 18th, KFC began to broadcast its new ad on tv. Canceled in the new version of "boys encouragement" advertising in the small East failed plot, the modified plot is small: East Riding received a phone call, the phone partner said: we also admitted to the. Three people are admitted to the ideal university. The results of the original version of advertising is completely different, delete and reversed the hard but failed in the college entrance examination "of the plot.

      from the post of an ordinary netizen to a social event that affects the whole country, which is a subversion of the traditional marketing communication rules of the network community. Although this is just a special event, but this kind of event so many people are full of expectations for the commercial value of the network community. Big Brand Company, including Procter & Gamble and IKEA, are planning to set up their virtual concept store in a community called love apartment. Love apartment is a virtual

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