Want to have a telephone order is a preliminary life ah

when we talk about network marketing, network promotion, SEO, to do that, most of the time can bring good traffic, but this time you might say, the flow is not enough, but also to the conversion rate. That’s right, the user came to see, do not register does not make a phone call, do not buy anything, it is useless, so the conversion rate. The better conversion rate needs to take into account the user needs to accurately match the content, but also a good website design, website usability and so on, so as to retain users, users will make a phone call!

some companies spent a great cost to do search marketing, SEO, engage in activities to attract users to the site, users to the Internet are the boss certainly hope that is the user to dial the phone number on the site, so the site consultation, significant location on the phone number, but also is a large font. Simply to attract users to the site’s purpose is to promote the transaction through the phone. But such a process, have to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, and even the cost of time. Especially for some of the service life of the enterprise, there is only one corporate website, less content, less traffic, less web site functions, network marketing is not easy to implement.

there is no better network marketing services, can accurately grasp the needs of users, and then targeted to match the corresponding services, prompting the user to call directly to seek advice or order. This can accurately find the appropriate service for the user, but also for businesses to accurately find the target customers. In fact, there are a lot of classified information platform, such as 58, go to the market, it is very convenient for users to find life services on the Internet, but the information platform is complex, many businesses, high quality businesses are not easy to find, users sometimes confused, the main reason is because the classification is more complex, no key.

recently Baidu has ah life platform line (life.youa.com), curious to see the page, also very simple, including marriage, child, education and training, family services and other life service categories, classification clear and accurate, it is convenient to find the corresponding service. Click on a classification to look at the business information is very detailed, but also with the V, suddenly thought of micro-blog certified users, the original life is also the user is certified, it seems to increase a little authority. Suddenly found that the following information is the 400 phone business phone, and font large display, you can click, open a look, the original can be directly dialed phone number. This is really good, the merchant has a detailed introduction, detailed price, detailed address, but also can be directly through the free telephone contact to facilitate our people.


look at ah on the platform of product promotion, the original of this model is the direct dial telephone pay per call, or even if users see the business information, as long as the phone does not receive the merchant fees, it should be.

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