t’s important to do business

to do business if it is just waiting for customers to come, in the current era, I am afraid that can only end in failure. In fact, the shop to engage in business, to rely on the rich vision, and a good thinking head. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a vision of the operator, no more brave than wise, to the performance of bigger and stronger, is a very difficult thing.


is now the first domestic brand Yuba bathroom heating products. Its founder, Hangzhou Aupu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. chairman Fang Jie, in 1993 will be introduced China Yuba product when Chinese people there is no concept in the bathroom. Fang Jie think of a way to the Yuba location for fashion products, and specifically for those beautiful girls in their twenties for marketing.

Fang Jie said: "I am returned from abroad to study. In foreign countries, as a white collar can not take a bath at home, is a fashionable way of life, is a sign of your home life." Mark Shanghai girl is good at what can new in order to be different, if the distinction between ordinary people around them with a lot of money, they are no matter. Fang Jie is clever use of the "Shanghai" mentality, this will be Aupu Yuba in Shanghai hit.

is now a lot of people who choose to start a business, but why so many can only fail to end it? Whether the above case will be inspired entrepreneurs? Therefore, the entrepreneur’s wisdom and vision, to a large extent determine the level of its performance. Especially in the current increasingly homogeneous products, market competition, the operator should not only be able to keep faith, but also to have the ability and creativity. Moreover, the same goods because of the positioning of the different, or the timing of the launch of different, bring the business results are also different.

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