The flood of the house want to stay still need physical examination

although there are government arrangements for accommodation, but it is a good place as his "best", a lot of people just have this mentality, once after the flood, they immediately go home stay. In fact, the house was flooded, once the water can not go back to live back, you have to look carefully at the health of the house, if the soaking time is too long, the damage must be removed. Since the flood season, in some areas of heavy heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas, resulting in farmland waterlogging damage. In order to fully understand the damage of flood houses, do a good job of repairing and strengthening damaged houses, the provincial housing department issued a notice to immediately start the investigation of damaged houses to ensure the safety of the affected people and reduce economic losses.

classification of damaged houses

investigation into the three types of housing, collapsed houses, severely damaged houses and general damage to housing. Among them, can not meet the normal requirements of the bearing capacity of the bearing housing structure, the overall housing dangerous situation, constitutes the entire building dangerous; bearing capacity can not meet the normal requirements of the housing part of the load-bearing structure, local dangerous situation constitutes a partial dangerous, found the affected houses, should pay special attention to the use of safety.

according to the investigation, to do a good job classification of damaged houses. The damage of the premises, no security risks that the affected people agree to return to live; housing damage is heavy, while ensuring the safety of structure are proposed to repair reinforcement scheme, and organized the implementation of repair and reinforcement measures, can let the people return to live before repair, ensure the safety and reduce the living of the people affected by the economic losses.

in addition, the flooding in the flood time is too long, serious damage, the detection of security can not be guaranteed housing, may lead to the collapse of houses, there is no value to strengthen the housing requirements for demolition.

residents can do self-examination

construction departments should promptly investigate the situation of flood damaged housing registration organization, grasp the houses collapsed and damaged housing, to carry out repair and reconstruction work first-hand information, cities and counties to work out flood damage statistics housing.

provincial housing department official said, take over the flood damaged house investigation and repair work as an important task to grasp, and clearly the person responsible for this work, to the deployment of specialized technical personnel involved in the investigation of damage and repair of housing reinforcement work. "Resolutely put an end to the damage caused by the collapse of water damage caused by the collapse of houses."

at the same time, to mobilize the masses of urban and rural residents to participate in the inspection, strengthen the building of disaster prevention knowledge, small small sense of propaganda, organize and mobilize the masses to carry out self inspection in accordance with the requirements of housing damage, such as observation of changes in the structure of the housing, the active loss report, assist in the inspection.

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