Aunt is very popular with the prospect of a very large milk tea

in the hearts of modern people and friends and tea experience leisure time is a very happy thing, in many brands of tea, the aunt was welcomed by people, the aunt is very mang tea headquarters continue to research the consumer market, now a mango drink special, aunt was launched by the awn tea. By going to the consumers.

in order to get out of a Chinese special tea Road, after ten years of mang aunt very carefully developed a comprehensive desktop, Hong Kong and Thai style three most people welcome the essence of tea, a cup of tea, three schools, allow consumers to enjoy the rich, Hong Kong style tea table, tea smooth Thai tea mellow, fashion, health, good drink.

aunt very long tea

as the king of fruits, mango fruit drinks is one of the best sales, it has the "tropical fruit king" reputation, not only the color, flavor and taste, shape and taste, and rich in nutrition, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, expectorant, lowering cholesterol, eyesight and other effects. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, carbohydrate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, citric acid, high potassium and low sodium. Aunt fern, the perfect combination of both, to satisfy all consumers demanding a cup of tea quality.


is mans always adhering to the "focus on doing a good cup of tea, to create a good brand" business philosophy, with fruit mango as noble characteristics, lemon tea, the main principal of natural milk as raw material, with Nestle, Lipton, black and white milk, coffee and other top domestic Xiangji suppliers to form long-term strategic cooperation partner, really do every drink of raw materials are the best in the world, so that consumers love no regrets.

is bursting with popularity of tea, tea is aunt awn who have chowhound touted by many entrepreneurs consulting why aunt is very mang aunt very hot tea website, actually awn tea headquarters always adhere to the quality, it is a magic weapon for winning the market.

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