Air conditioning cleaning business worth investing

is a small electric fan, after a season away, we will carefully scrub, and for air conditioning, may be a lot of people although there has been in use, but never cleaned. In fact, in summer, when people are immersed in bring cool air conditioning time, do not know if there is no awareness of the "pollution may actually is one step closer to the air conditioning". It is understood that the provincial capital with the current air-conditioning penetration increased year by year, the market space is more and more big air cleaning. So, air conditioning cleaning business worth investing? What are the problems in the market?

does not take a bath susceptible to illness

from a professional perspective, air conditioning in the long run, because its unique internal structure, it is easy to make the dust caused by the blockage, such as wind blocked, refrigeration compressor power consumption decreased, increased, breeding musty and other issues, at the same time because the circulation is blocked, resulting in increased working pressure of refrigeration system, performance of refrigeration (heat) rate of decline energy, electricity, air conditioning noise increases, or even damage.

indoor dust, if things go on like this, dirt and bacteria accumulation blockage in the interior of the air conditioner, when air conditioning after shutdown, temperature recovery will make the propagation of bacteria, mildew and odor, which will directly affect the air conditioning user’s health, causing the so-called "air conditioning syndrome", will make the already suffering from hypertension, asthma and other diseases people sicker. Therefore, whether it is from the health or from the air conditioning, should be regularly cleaned air conditioning. Hefei brand maintenance center told reporters, a considerable part of the air conditioning repair are due to the lack of cleaning and maintenance of premature damage.

practitioners "dragons and fishes jumbled together"


reporter in the provincial capital by making inquiries, only to find a clean air service set production and sales of cleaning agent and the company. In an intermediary company, the reporter saw a cleaning company in the service project is an "cleaning air conditioning", and then the company made contact with Mr. Zuo, told reporters, in fact, cleaning the home air-conditioning industry market space is large, but the air conditioning cleaning consumer awareness is not enough, a lot of people that is not what to buy home air conditioning, even if some consumers come to the consultation, professional services, higher fees also tend to make them off.

reporters learned that the number of users of air conditioning cleaning family is very small, and they usually by some cleaners or domestic service personnel to complete the cleaning, part of the user is simply the filter will remove the cleaning. The industry believes that these cleaning methods are very difficult to remove the dust inside the air conditioning condenser and evaporator, a more subtle and bacteria, and tiny dust in the air 80% through the air filter into the interior of the air conditioner, the adhesion on the heat exchanger, the normal work of freon and all parts of the condenser and evaporator must be made by professionals with the help of a variety of special air.

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