Bicycle beauty rich new project

there are countless entrepreneurs dream, however, due to the capital, culture, geographical constraints, and ultimately be able to embark on the road to success is not much. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a low-cost, demanding investment projects for your reference.

A brief introduction of


the bicycle is a popular means of transportation, for the maintenance, the majority of people are in their own home simple clean up, and many people bikes a year or even years are difficult to maintain a part, is often a fault. At present, only to the beauty of the car maintenance, not to the beauty of the bike; there are specialized car wash, there is no dedicated bike cleaning. Therefore, the opening of a bicycle beauty maintenance cleaning shop should have good prospects.

three, business reference

1 charges, depending on the local consumption level.

2, should choose the larger traffic site, the rent is not high place as a place of business. At the same time, do not pay attention to the management of urban management in violation of relevant regulations, to protect the environment.


4, the conditions are ripe to develop membership, provide timing nursing, some additional free services to members, to form a stable customer base.

boutique project recommended: Huaneng building materials of low carbon environmental protection to join holy money King unlimited

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