Clothing store location to adhere to the four principles

a lot of people want to open a clothing store, but the location of the clothing store may not be very clear. We know that a good clothing store, the location is not bad, because a good location is the key to attract consumers. Here, pee to tell everyone about these important shop site tips.

1, fit the brand positioning, select the target audience gathered area

Whether or

discount women’s men’s clothing brands have their own style, suitable for what kind of group dress, especially the main consumption age level, we must respect the market principles to choose the target consumer area, I want to join the network location and urban mid-range consumer groups, 20-50 years old, for the public benefits of consumption the concept of.

2, adhere to the principle of economy, rent costs and traffic and local

3, pay attention to the street shop government development policy, to avoid accidental migration shop

4, a comprehensive consideration of traffic, the trend of similar goods, the surrounding facilities, commercial street positioning, regional folklore and other factors


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