2014 money ideas to satisfy people’s curiosity

in this era of reading, everyone needs a good book to recharge learning. Today, with the rapid economic development, the demand of cultural market presents many business opportunities. Do a simple work, meet the people’s curiosity is a very profitable idea.

1, focusing on "selection". 2, focusing on leisure". 3, focus on the "break up the whole into parts". The above three points is to beat the traditional library coup. 4, focus on variety". In this way, you do not need to invest tens of thousands, just 3000 yuan to start. 5, focusing on advertising. Through the analysis of the target customers and the customers’ psychology, we can form a strong response in the customer group with very low cost and no need of any expenses. 6, focusing on the orthodox". With a proper coat, let the parents and teachers willing to let the child do card, let the news media for your free speculation, business is booming. 7, focusing on Sustainable development".

> any career only two

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