Discussion on nternet plus development of Hainan nternational nnovation Summit Forum

entrepreneurial innovation lies not only in personnel and technology, but also need to adapt to local resources, local governments are actively exploring local advantages, to carry out the corresponding innovation. Recently, the Hainan international innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Haikou, Hainan Province on the future development trend of entrepreneurship.

upcoming past 2015, Hainan entrepreneurial innovation just unfolding. Under a "Hainan opportunity" in which? Days ago, at the Hainan International Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship, Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee and former deputy director Zheng Xinli, donkey mother travel assistant president Ren Guocai and other top advisers, business elite, common Hainan "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship, "Internet plus agriculture", "Internet plus health", "Internet plus travel" positive "sound".

dialogue, donkey mother travel assistant president Ren Guocai to their own business as an example, describes the problems and Countermeasures of the tourism industry. Ren Guocai believes that the pain of a point in the industry, it may be the opportunity for enterprises, and now the pain points of the tourism industry is mainly in this piece. He suggested that Hainan’s "Internet plus tourism entrepreneurs in the tourism industry pain points on, the tourism industry in the segments, such as" Travel + limit travel "," Travel + car "and so on.

around "Internet plus agriculture" how to innovate this problem, the Ministry of science and technology Chinese rural technology development center researcher Lu Bingyou proposal to expand the future direction of "Internet plus agriculture". For example, agricultural circulation, agricultural processing, agricultural storage and other related service industries, can expand into "Internet plus agriculture", this is a trend of the future development of agriculture.

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