Hengda Group and Xu Jiayin Road business legend

China football has been many fans can not say the pain, but Hengda football won the championship in 13 years of football finals, opened up a new road in China football, let the Chinese people to Chinese football and hope. Mentioned Hengda Group can not be separated from Xu Jiayin, a look at his magic venture road.

2013 on 09 November 2013 season Asian Football Club Champions League winner last champion, Guangzhou Heng brigade in history to win the Champions League AFC Champions League, to create the best record since the occupation of China football. At this moment, many fans remember Chinese Hengda Xu Jiayin, also has become the topic of discussion at leisure. Xu Jiayin is the founder of Hengda Group, he founded the start empty-handed Hengda, Hengda now become a listed company, the market value reached 42 billion 200 million yuan, Xu Jiayin also turned to Chinese the new richest man in mainland


Hengda Group to see the legend of the legend of the entrepreneurial story


Xu Jiayin childhood

I was born in a "oath called new days" revolutionary enthusiasm in 1958, followed by the depression. At that time the family was poor, grandma will make vinegar, free will to sell in the market, with some household, while my father was in a lot of willow, grow up, cut it off and take the market to sell, sell a few cents, a car can sell a few dollars.

when I was a child I like painting, but also like to play with "electrical appliances". From the character, when I was young I belong to the naughty type, with nothing smaller than their children to practice stand, stand at attention at ease and delight.

eighteen year old Xu Jiayin

I just graduated from

high school and try to do business and make money together. At that time, the sale of rural areas is more common way of working, such as lime, coal, rice, rice straw and other goods from one place to another place to earn the difference.

1977, interrupted the college entrance examination for many years to restore. I heard the news, the first time reported the name. But because the time is hasty, not admitted. Second years, I spent five months to prepare, back to the high school review lessons. Living in a broken house, covered with a quilt full of patches. One of the most profound scene memory: they brought to the school Steamed Buns and sweet potato cake, after three days will become moldy hair. But still reluctant to throw away, wash mildew after continue to eat.

1978 years, I finally wish to be admitted to the Wuhan iron and Steel Institute, ranked first in the top three Zhoukou. When I received the admission notice, I received a gift from my father, a plum watch. When I was in primary school, one night, I said to my father, if admitted recommended

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