Ma’anshan Dongfeng 2016 Cihu zone by the reform of business start

2016 February has more than half of the new year’s innovation and entrepreneurship has already begun. Ma’anshan lake high tech Zone to accelerate the development of innovative, comprehensive promotion of entrepreneurship with the transition, encourage two entrepreneurs achieve career highlights.

into the new year, Ma’anshan high tech Zone Chihu Dongfeng system and mechanism reform, full of vitality is extremely excited, the project speed, efficiency, enhance the quality of work. In January, the region’s regulations on industrial added value increased by 12.5%, the actual use of foreign investment grew 29.5%, revenue over the timing schedule of 5 percentage points, to achieve the first month of the opener, "winning" in 13th Five-Year, the rise of a new "opened a good start.

deepening community flattening reform. In accordance with the "compression level, streamline the organization, focus, performance appraisal" and "small community service" requirements, the formation of a new rural community and city community, after the reform of the community is directly managed by the high-tech zones, to further reduce the level of management, and comprehensively promote the professionalization of village cadres, to develop assessment methods, clear 10 the focus of the work, the work of the quantitative assessment. 76 of the original work in the community reasonable diversion, of which more than 80% to the grassroots and project line.

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