Those bitter and clothing city of foreign investors in the entrepreneurial process

if there are outsiders to entrepreneurship, many local people actually with a colored view, after all, a stranger, to understand the operation of the market is not enough, in fact many foreigners to start a clothing business will gain a lot of money.

"every day at 3 pm, we are out of town businessmen began manghu." At 3:30 yesterday, the reporter came from Fujian, Shishi businessman Xu Guangdui came to the clothing city, here is a lively. Xu Guangdui told reporters that the general field to do the clothing business in the morning before 4 arrived in Jimo, after the purchase of goods, do not delay the day to go back to do business, so that they will have to catch up with the early wholesalers.

In the early hours of the 4 hour

is said, one from Weihai wholesalers and Xu Guang heap after bargaining, once bought 100 sets of casual wear. Daily business is generally concentrated in the morning this period, the average gross income of 5000 yuan a day." Xu Guangdui easily told reporters that he came down to earn 30 thousand yuan a month, but still not enough. Reporters in the store Xu Guang heap for nearly 2 hours, he has been busy, and even did not care to talk to reporters.

PM closing time habits

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