This small investment money to find the doorway theme features

now, more and more people realize that, do a little business is more suitable for the ordinary people to get rich. However, the business is small, small boss is not so good when. And the opening of large stores, there are also how to open a store location, how the site, how to purchase, how to manage, how to marketing and a series of problems. The following several shopkeepers business experience, may give you some inspiration.

There are different target –

small pay 7 years ago out of business. He sold fish, selling food, opened a snack bar, put the night market stalls, but also can not get rid of a loss. At the beginning of this year, the market environment and the consumer of the small pay has been operating a street snack made a careful investigation and analysis, to return to prostitution, and opened a snack shop. He implemented the two different restaurants and other new reform initiatives, snack bar will soon rise.

first, change the downtown rental store greet customers to run the store to attract customers for the house courtyard. This not only reduces the cost, it is more important to create a good environment, reflects the high grade and taste. There are four seasons evergreen trees, fruit trees, vines, decorated with colored lights. Secondly, the diners can own cooking dishes, cooking and to master on-the-spot guidance, reasonable fees. The move has attracted many diners, they in knots into the shop, some deft surgeon at some Zecai, vegetables, some of the dishes, busy for a while, slowly in the shade around the courtyard, do not have a taste.

– "money" to do good

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