Why do you want to take a good name

many owner although know the importance of shop names, however, although it is done, but also in the efforts of the work to do, but do not know why the store is good. So do not know why the work will undoubtedly be filled with more unknowns, for the owner is also very difficult thing. So, why do you want to take a good name?

is the name of good or bad business to store the direct impact of the shopkeepers think a good name is the image of the shop salesman, it is a silent sign. A good name can really play the ability to drive sales? Ms. Zhang said the shop in the Mausoleum Road, customers do not enter into the store is an important factor in sales, for consumers, one never came into the shop, customers will first look at the name, if the name is enough to attract enough fashion, full of temptation, then the customer will enter the shop, and customers into the store to improve the rate, which means the sales increased accordingly.

"customer first see is the name, not the commodity, name up, will arouse the customer know the goods this shop and store the desire. A good name is one of the tactics to attract customers. This is why we think that a good name is the first shop salesman."

a good name to be able to attract more customers to patronize. This sentence, many owners have said the owner recognized, Xiaohui (outside) sister once because the name not good and had a deficit. "At that time, my sister’s name is used in her own name and Tingting, a clothing store next to the name is" popular front ", and the most significant difference between the two shops is the flow of people. My sister had observed the number of people entering the shop next door, about 40 customers a day to patronize, and my sister into the store, but only a small number of customers, twice as bad."

has also been to the two small clothing store, "popular front" and her sister’s clothing store, the store in the area, the decoration of the shop, and clothing styles are similar. But why the number of customers into the store is so much difference? In this regard, Xiaohui and sister agreed that not many customers is by the name of.

then, Xiaohui sister began to consider replacing the name, the store business is all casual, but consumer groups are young girls, then renamed "MM shop". Xiaohui smiled and said, since the change of name, my sister came up a popular clothing store, so a good name can attract more customers to patronize.

in the questionnaire, 30% of the owner to choose offbeat name, and a few of them learned through the conversation, the name offbeat mainly in order to meet the new generation of consumer groups demand. A "show" the shop owner told reporters, to her shop are generally young people under the age of 24, is the Internet chat group >

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