Jiangsu science and technology services platform to solve the financing difficulties of an enterpris

almost every entrepreneur has encountered problems for venture capital, helping entrepreneurs, the government actively guide the entrepreneurs to develop financing channels, creating all kinds of venture investment platform to support public entrepreneurship, innovation.

12 1, 2009, Jiangsu science and technology financial services platform enterprise organizations will be held in Nanjing. The meeting, by the Jiangsu science and technology financial information service platform and Shanghai globechemi line together to create "Jiangsu science and technology financial services platform" officially launched operations, matchmaking site the number of banks on the platform of 3 billion yuan of credit, Jiangsu venture financing adds new options.

the on-line "Jiangsu science and technology financial services platform", through the use of the Internet and mobile Internet technology, the service nearly 50000 various types of small and micro enterprises, and local services in Jiangsu focused on the platform, docking and accurate matching of different enterprises in different life stages, through the technical demand of cable means of accurate search, and on the platform of enterprise based on big data and local banks and other financial institutions customized credit services products, so enterprises especially in the initial stage of the operation cost is reduced greatly, improve the efficiency of enterprises and service institutions docking and landing rate.

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