Teach you how to noodle shop location

decided to a noodle shop business success of many factors, which is the key and important factor is the location. Here we take the noodle shop location as an example to introduce a Sliced noodles Museum what location?

teach you how to for noodle shop location?

1. business district

a lot of people think that commercial street location is good, but the rent is high, indeed, because of the large commercial street traffic, relative, the rent is relatively high. However, the common characteristics of all the business are all high input high returns. The flow of business people, and many young people, a new product to a city, if the choice of commercial street, will no doubt be faster accepted by the locals. And, you can quickly play their visibility. If you want to open a chain of friends, choose to set up shop in the commercial street, you can give your own shop to quickly establish a brand image.

2. office


office is open face store choice, office buildings are white-collar workers, this group is characterized by high income, relatively young, for fast food has a very good ability to accept, especially the office staff meal time is short, noon is their main consumption time, a lot of open in the office at noon meal noodle has one hour to sell more than and 200 bowls of noodles scores. So, the office is also Datong Sliced noodles to join the shop location is very good.

3. main road


of each city has several main roads, this main road is particularly large flow of people, most people go to work or go to what place will approach this road, had joined the choice of north east face is the geographical position, this position is also very good geographical position. And high cost, the rent will not be too expensive.

4. residential area

residential area is characterized by a dense population, a large number of potential consumer groups. And the rent is not too expensive, choose small shop remember to choose fast food concentration area, can not choose the traditional cooking area.

if you do not choose, the easiest way is to look at where to go fast food shop where to go, this is the easiest way.

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