How much is the sofeco steak investment funds

summary of our human life is born, growth, mature, decline and demise, cycle changing. Life is a lot of natural law is also the case, even a small restaurant business is no exception. Then Manasseh restaurant, at present there are Western-style food chain stores, can be said that in recent years is the growth stage of Western-style food franchise. The increasing number of western chain stores, will also make the western food industry on the number and quality of Western food needs to add. China’s catering industry in the past more than and 20 years, every year to maintain the growth rate of two digits, in recent years, the development of Western food presents a comprehensive and rapid development trend. Sofeco steak adhere to the quality first, bring a delicious steak for consumers in the future will have better development, join is very good, so sofeco steak jiamengfei

how much money?

How much is the

sofeco steak investment funds?

sofeco jiamengfei cattle are as follows:

brand fee: 150 thousand

design fees, training fees, tuition fees: 300 yuan per square meter

margin: 30 thousand

management fee: 40 thousand

After joining

, the company provides the following support:

human support: store personnel late security (training, deployment, professional staff in the long-term store and management, etc.)

R & D support: new product development and training support

marketing support: annual holiday marketing planning, advertising design,

management support: monthly financial analysis, business guidance

steak as the main item of Western food, has a firm foothold in the Chinese market, but also more and more public acceptance and recognition. People feel that eating steak and coffee is no longer a high-end project and taste. The whole market is accepted by the public is a good opportunity for the development of Western food industry. Chinese population, any major accepted products quickly swept the country, growth is generally means of geometry, sofeco franchisee steak is a promising option.

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