Guan Ling second daughter was born with the same nickname round mother role

had starred in "I love my home" in the famous star Guan Ling has second mother, Guan Ling’s second daughter was born in the new year, called the round, and once the role as mother.

had starred in the sitcom "I love my home" and "Jia Yuanyuan" known to every family who played Guan Ling in the year of the monkey, the fifth day of the new year in Beijing gave birth to a second child daughter, sons and daughters to make up a "good" word. Today (February 15th), Guan Ling in an interview in the hospital, she said, six pounds for 42 when her daughter was born, because the birth of round headed plus also contains his former role and work name, so the name "round". Guan Ling smiled and told reporters, because there are many places in the fifth to welcome the God of wealth custom, the family is also very happy in this """.

Guan Ling previously on micro-blog revealed his pregnant second child, because the son named "machine gun", there have been a lot of friends to the second baby named "weapon cannon", in this regard, Guan Ling joked that their children the name "the smell of gunpowder was too rich". At present, two couples to the daughter took the nickname "round", "because I played the role of Jia Yuanyuan, on the other hand, also called" the husband cooperation play round story ", plus the baby born round face so the name." Guan Ling also revealed that before the production, the husband of the daughter of Ji Ji Ling wanted her daughter, and finally get it, for the family is also a great success".

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