Young Ke Jie three won the world champion or will become the world’s second

18 years old young boy Ke Jie three won the world title again. He won in Jiangsu South Korea king Li Shishi nine, won the world championship in a year.

holding 14 world champion Li Shishi and 2015 shine kija across years of the five chess battle is seen as the chess world "new" and "old" collision force. Four sets the two battle of 2:2, the tiebreaker first guess Jiecai Ke to black, Li Shishi first step and long after the test was Lazi, in front of the game Li Shishi frequently in byoyomi miscalculation predicament, obviously he is reluctant to repeat, the layout of the stage significantly accelerated the tempo. However, Rao is the case, two people in the morning of the game Li Shishi is still a long time to take a long time, to the closure of the disk when he left only a little more than 1 hours, less than half of the Ke jie. A disk, Li Shishi still has not got up, thinking hard about countermeasures.

the closing stages of indoor atmosphere, master who is probably half of the outcome judgment. Kija bluntly after their last moments has been wrong, also once wanted to defeat, he also joked he was lost in thought later in life, may have to cut the invention records. Finally, using the unique rules in black Chinese stick. After the robbery, robbery material with many advantages to win 3/4. Kija respect his greatest feeling is too smelly, "make you angry, but he said he could win this too lucky.

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