What are some of the most popular emerging industries in recent years

in recent years, China’s rapid economic development, the rise of many emerging industries. For entrepreneurs, the choice of a good project is the key to join. Now the market competition is fierce, want to choose a good project is not easy to join. So what are some of the more popular emerging industries? Is it suitable for venture capital?

two, the emerging industry of biotechnology industry

is used to develop innovative drugs biotechnology drugs, prevention and treatment of major diseases of the new vaccines and diagnostic reagents, chemical drugs, such as modern medicine varieties, enhance the level of bio pharmaceutical industry. Accelerate the development and industrialization of advanced medical equipment, medical materials and other biomedical engineering products, and promote the development of the scope. Efforts to develop bio breeding industry, and actively promote green agricultural products, promote the development of bio agriculture. Promote the development, demonstration and application of key technologies in manufacturing. Accelerate the development and industrialization of marine biotechnology and products.

if you to Bill. Gates, get a pin in the door, this pin will tell the computer control center for your room temperature, television and film lovers. Once the TV and music room were selected, they will not leave the body for you, even if you are in the pool, will emerge as the shadow follows the form of music from the bottom of the pool. The future of the most profitable Internet industry and promote the integration of the Internet, in the new network era, your home can be so modern.

five new industries and new energy industry

to develop a new generation of nuclear power technology and advanced reactors, development of nuclear power industry. Speed up >

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