What rules should successful entrepreneurs know

There are many factors that influence the success of

, as a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn how to manage the team. Only a good team management, in order to help you succeed in business. As we all know, it is not enough to want to succeed in business only by our own strength. So which of the most successful entrepreneurs should know?

A, "dolphin" rule

two, "tank" rule

tank is made of glass, high transparency, no matter from which angle observation, there were a clear two. The "fish tank" rule is applied to the management, which requires managers to increase the transparency of the work, and strive to achieve openness, fairness and justice. As long as the transparency of the work, the manager’s behavior will be placed under the supervision of all subordinates, it will effectively prevent the abuse of power leaders, thereby strengthening the management of self restraint mechanism.

three, hedgehog rule

Mondayish hedgehog, due to cold and together. Because their bodies have thorns, they leave a distance. But I can’t stand it, so I can get together again. After several twists and turns, two hedgehogs finally found a suitable distance: not only to get each other’s warmth, but not to be tied. Hedgehog is the psychological distance effect in interpersonal communication". Managers should do a good job, should keep close relationship with subordinates, so you can get the respect of subordinates; at the same time, but also to maintain the appropriate psychological distance with subordinates, to avoid loss of principle in the work.

four, "bucket" rule

"barrel" rule: a piece of wood by many hoops along the barrel mouth not neat, how much of it is water, does not depend on the longest piece of wooden barrel, and the piece of wood depends on the shortest barrel. In order to improve the overall effect of multi – barrel water barrel, should not increase the longest piece of wood height, but the plank work filled the shortest barrel. "Barrel" law tells the manager: in the management process, we should work hard to pay close attention to the weak link of the unit; otherwise, the overall work of the unit will be affected. People often say that "each other", which is intended to take long to learn, just take a long and short, it is difficult to improve the overall effect of the work.

five, "drawer" rule

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