Wuhu to build a new tunnel across the river

in Wuhu, the province will build a tunnel across the river, convenient for people to travel, to bring people a new life. Anhui province development and Reform Commission Anhui made investment [2017]121 No. approval south of Wuhu river tunnel project, this means that Anhui’s first tunnel across the river a step further to start construction.

Wuhu South River crossing tunnel is one of the 17 key projects in Anhui Province over the river channel planning, but also Wuhu, "one of the two vertical and one horizontal and one ring" framework of the urban expressway system.

tunnel north of Wuhu City Jiujiang district two town, south across the Jiangbei Wuwei levee, the south of the Yangtze River levee, Wuhu Yangtze River Road, and finally to Wuhu District of Yijiang City Industrial Road and Zhongshan road junction, a total length of 5.81 kilometers, the main tunnel length of 5 km, the design speed of 80 km / hour, two-way six lane project investment of 4 billion 564 million yuan.

The construction of

river crossing tunnel can bring great convenience to people’s life, and make the economic development of Wuhu become better and better. Wuhu South River crossing tunnel project is an important river crossing channel connecting the main city of Wuhu and Jiangbei new town, which is of great significance to accelerate the development and construction of Jiangbei District and promote the coordinated development of economic and social development.

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