Haokelai restaurant franchise is so popular there is a certain reason

food and beverage to join the project is good, mainly to see the brand, only the brand is good, strong, long development, so that the project can be done far longer, in order to be successful. Haokelai restaurant is such a popular one to join the project, why haokelai restaurant franchise so popular?

haokelai restaurant franchise headquarters quality advantage, choose well-known brands of high quality raw materials, scientific formula, sophisticated technology, sophisticated production, nutrition and health, is the real green, nutritious food. Haokelai restaurant to join investment advantages: less investment, million yuan can start to make money fast, the market is large, the seasons of the year, everyone, everyone is safe, the risk is small, do not hoard goods, no backlog, preparing a small amount of working capital to operate revenue every day, earn cash. Haokelai restaurant to join the technology advantage: from site selection, store design, decoration, marketing management strategy, technological process, cost control, health standards, market positioning, expansion plans, service form, unified technical training, regardless of whether or not the experience will let you become the expert. Haokelai restaurant franchise headquarters Everfount will provide new technology and new food to the agency, the agency throughout the year according to the market transform business varieties, to ensure that the store sales agent performance steadily rising.

– two brand

93 years since the start until now, haokelai has developed two brands: haokelai steak and steak red wine


The establishment of

HKL, marking the new houcaller food culture is born — steak collocation of wine, create tomorrow

way of life!

– the logistics distribution center

haokelai have their own logistics and distribution centers, professional refrigeration vehicle distribution, will be the first time the key ingredients seasoning shipped across the


– R & D team

has a keen sense of fashion of houcaller food designers from Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the domestic fine dining chefs team, will combine eastern and Western food culture, create suitable for Chinese the delicacy, in 15 years of production history into the steak, the creation of more factors, in perfect the creation of art, leisurely new extreme


– the modern food processing factory

2007 in May, the new factory covers an area of 50 acres of houcaller officially opened in the land, haokelai people is the most professional, to create the most professional


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