How to join and harvests fish Hot pot

hot pot as a brand in the food and beverage industry, a big brother, is not a new thing, but there is no denying the fact that the development of hot pot is still very hot market. It is not as long as the hot pot brand will be able to make money? The market also has a variety of different hot pot, there are a lot of well-known hot pot, but the market is more and more clear classification, only the characteristics of the hot pot to attract people.

"and harvests fish" by the State Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered trademark. The unique "Widmanstaten golden pepper crispy fish pot" is a special cooking technician with homemade recipe development, with a special supplement, especially fresh soup, meat thin, tender, delicious taste, eat up not only the QQ bomb, the taste of hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant to appetite, and very chewy, ages, is a famous national chain restaurant brand main exclusive secret of green food, was named "Fujian gold time-honored" member.

since its inception in 2005, after years of rapid development, "and harvests fish" has opened many chain stores in the country, and became a member of Chinese cuisine association. And then harvests fish Hot pot join what is the process?

How to join

and harvests fish Hot pot

join process is as follows:

1, through the official website or phone to understand the project

2, to visit the headquarters of the project

3, fill in the application to join the book

4, headquarters audit

5, headquarters help location, decoration

6, shop trial business

7, the official business

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