Guangyuan Bailong Lake shipwreck has caused 2 deaths and 13 people missing

in life, we often face a lot of accidents. This time, Guangyuan Bailong Lake shipwreck has killed 2 people, and there are 13 people in the missing state. Let’s look at the specific reports.

6 6, white Dragon Lake shipwreck occurred third days. 11 am, rescue workers in the vicinity of the wreck location, found and salvaged a male remains. As of 23:20, the robot to complete the assembly debugging, and about 65 meters underwater to find the hull. Currently, ongoing exploration.

site search and rescue

6 at 11:45 on the day, Nanchong, Tengda salvage operations underwater salvage team in the wreck location with a hook operation, salvage a male remains. Public security departments in accordance with the procedures for the identification of the remains of one of the 14 missing persons – Zhao Bin. Up to now, the shipwreck has caused 2 deaths and 13 missing, search and rescue work is still underway.

rescue facilities and equipment transportation installation

6 at around 10, rescue equipment, generator hoist, welding machine in Guangyuan Bailong Lake Salt Creek port from Mianyang, Chongqing and other places. Rescue workers immediately to the installation and commissioning of the equipment has arrived. At 16:20, Chinese blue rescue team Sichuan team cooperation unit provides the AUV shipped from Shanghai to Zhang Jia mouth wharf, site platform has been basically set up.

22 28 minutes, the search and rescue team after about 2 hours of intense work to complete the robot assembly and commissioning, and the operation of the robot in the water about 65 meters to find the hull. Currently, ongoing exploration.

medical treatment and psychological intervention to ease the situation

from the beginning of June 4th, more than the psychological intervention personnel rushed to the District Second People’s Hospital, psychological intervention, the 3 survivors and the families of missing persons counseling. At present, 3 survivors with stable vital signs.

for shipwreck accident, we need to take active measures to carry out effective search and rescue, to make the greatest efforts to ensure the safety of personnel. At present, with the further development of science and technology, related technology products in the search and rescue process, also played an important role. Guangyuan Bailong Lake ship hull is through the robot to find.

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