A small chest patch up by protein health

small chest feels "feminine", that was to figure out the best wedding dress to highlight the effect. However, through before the wedding to "practice", in a short period of time so that the chest "fattening" success.

3 hands no longer cross, four fingers close together, with the mean surface from the nipple radiate light with 1 minutes, in order to fully stimulate the thymus, so that the chest is gradually increased.

1.Borghese youth breast Repair Cream (410 yuan /50g)

friction force, work can not be

to promote collagen synthesis, so that the chest continues to absorb nutrients, and become more mature, with the unique charm of women. Not only that, it can also improve the skin and activate the skin, improve the The new supersedes the old. chest stretch, so that the original slightly pale chest, smooth, plump.

3.Qi tune Jin Jing chest repair beauty liquid (420 yuan /70g)

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

1 hand massage double cross chest, from the middle to the lower part of the chest to both sides of the painting circle, back to the top of the chest.

Step 1: identification component

stimulate cell regeneration, and resistance to environmental stress and free radicals, to regain youthful skin, the advantages of delicate as silk – arbutin used in breast in the most appropriate, so that the chest is smaller gradually plump up the bride, and the chest skin will be more compact.

According to the

"friction" method: key ring type massage to make the chest has "grown up", as if deep cleavage, in cosmetics "care", round massage, can make the chest much more symmetrical, deep and charming cleavage.

: arbutin to accelerate cell regeneration

Why: no adequate intake of protein, causing chest fullness, cleavage naturally will not exist; the mother is not sexy may also be caused by genetic factors, their chances of attractive cleavage will be reduced.

100% cleavage packages:

mango extract: perfect breast line


2 change direction, from the middle to upper part of the chest to both sides of the painting circle, back to the bottom of the chest, help in the breast at the same time, the formation of extrusion cleavage.

survey showed that mangiferin extract can enhance the chest line perfect, let bosom plump up in imperceptibly, and velvety smooth texture, instantly make chest feel soothing comfort, in the shortest possible time to regain the attractive lines.

2.Yves Rocher breast cream (350 /50ml)

lotus core essence: the top of the chest beauty liquid

Step 2: knowledge manipulation

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