What do you need to know about hot pot restaurants

2016 choose to open a hot pot restaurant? What do you need to know? After these years of promotion, the market has a lot of room for development, let us further to understand the next, what needs to open a hot pot shop.

Analysis of

1, according to grade points: high, medium and low-grade, or luxury stores, specialty stores, public stores, self-service stores, etc.;

2, according to the function of points: characteristics of hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, etc.;

3, according to the source points: hot pot, Mongolia hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, etc.;

4, according to the operating points: brand hot pot, restaurant hot pot, self-service hot pot, hot pot, etc..

by the above content, if you have some understanding? Open hot pot restaurants need to understand the market positioning, do you have more understanding. More hot pot projects waiting for you, look forward to your attention.

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