Shaanxi four initiatives to promote employment and entrepreneurship graduates

This year’s college graduates in Shaanxi province

very much, employment has become a major problem, in order to better promote people employment and entrepreneurship, Shaanxi province launched four initiatives, the specific details, Xiaobian a look!

2015, in the face of downtown pressure on the economy continued to increase, the number of graduates in the larger, structural contradictions and other unfavorable factors, colleges and universities in our province to actively respond to the comprehensive measures to achieve the initial employment rate and employment double promotion, completion of the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the initial employment rate reached more than 80% the initial employment rate reached 88.52%, the employment rate reached 92%.

to promote synergy, the employment of college graduates in our province to further increase, to further expand the employment space, especially the number of grass-roots employment, to increase employment of small and micro enterprises increased significantly, to the new industry employment gradually increased, the number of independent entrepreneurs increased significantly. Specifically, from the following four aspects to take measures.

again, to promote entrepreneurship. Actively build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship exploration of credit transfer, the implementation of flexible system, retain specific measures and other aspects of the business school enrollment, priority support participation in entrepreneurial students into professional learning.

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