College graduation where to go Start their own business to create a hundred years of painting shop

now many college students after graduation to work for low wages is not abandon their own business when the boss, explore a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but one can not be more successful. Today, the whole network of small for the majority of graduates recommend a good entrepreneurial project, to open a small shop painted plaster, the high return on investment can make your life wealth!

a white plaster, your imagination, according to the existing pattern of lines, painted on a variety of different colors, but also their motto, inscription or lover’s name in the appropriate position to write on, such as dry, light oil cover, protective pigment oxidation, color. Again after drying, a person painted plaster processing works of art be accomplished. Put on the desk, office, living room, study, bedroom, not only cultivate the sentiment, but also enhance the dynamic atmosphere of the space, but also to friends and relatives, to show their own talent.

Third, painted plaster shop shop shop is the overview of the plaster in the form of semi-finished products or white, is to provide customers with gypsum powder and die, and then let the customer according to their own preferences to produce various patterns of plaster, and paint on it, it will become a "plaster crafts". Shop mainly through the sale of the customer’s own DIY gypsum products to obtain profits. Target customers are usually young people who love fashion or children accompanied by their parents.

painted plaster is fashion technology, DIY painted plaster by the students, parents and young people in love. Only need to rent 10? 15 square meters of shops, the shop will be divided by the two to three area, the wall posted some teenagers favorite cartoons, mounted on the top of the orange lamp, and some work in the shop doorway, store can be opened.

Fourth, painted plaster shop investment investment amount to 20 thousand yuan, of which the mold and other tool costs about 1000 yuan, the store 10 ~ 15 square meters, 3 employees (suggested one family together, dry) rent and other costs 9000 yuan, 10 thousand yuan of liquidity.

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