Henan letinous edodes entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs to return home Entrepreneurship Model

from the 18 year old migrant workers, to now the annual sales exceeded $60 million entrepreneurs. Henan Chang Arab Israeli use of a small letinous edodes to achieve their entrepreneurial dream, the current rural youth to return home as an example.


is Neixiang County Xiaguan Town, South to work at the age of 18, 2008 to Shuanghui employees experience changed his life. Later, often resign back home, letinous edodes began planting bag.

at present, the society has more than 1 thousand and 200 members, this year’s sales will exceed 60 million yuan, to become the county’s "letinous edodes sales champion, was missing, Shuanghui, KFC and other well-known domestic enterprises as a strategic partner of supply.

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