How spicy pot stores to raise the price


is also a customer consumption, however, different customers, consumer prices will be different, for the shop, only to enhance the store’s customer price, so that more successful operation. In the innovation and entrepreneurship popular today, more and more people into the tide of entrepreneurship, joined the entrepreneurial team, now, the catering market is very hot, for entrepreneurs, a spicy hot pot franchise is a good choice of business. A spicy hot pot stores want to gain more income, so it is necessary to raise the price. Then again, spicy hot pot franchise operators and how to raise the price?

actually improve customer price is nothing more than starting from two aspects: one to allow consumers to order more food products, two to allow consumers to buy more expensive single product.

how to get consumers to buy more food: the first is the promotion, you can make some simple bundling activities to buy gifts and promotions, but does not recommend direct price cuts, because doing harm to the brand, in addition to promotional posters put important weapon stores in front of spicy hot pot is to attract consumers into in the shop, while improving sales go popularity.

second is product portfolio: for example, the food product sales mix different, because many consumers only love a category of food, so the combination of the best product belongs to a large category, there is a certain appeal to the category of consumer preferences; also can be combined in different categories of product sales, pull consumers buy more. The structure of the product line portfolio requirements spicy hot pot franchise in the price and kind to have a certain breadth, to meet the popular demand for upstream integration ability has certain requirements.

so how to let consumers buy more expensive single product? Spicy hot pot stores will first increase display high price of food, the high price of food can get more exposure; secondly, in the good quality at the same time, the maximum value of external spicy pot, extract the core selling high priced products, to give consumers a reason to buy and motivation. Let consumers pay for the premium most willing to pay; finally, the main push to depend on the terminal sales staff, through training and incentives for the terminal sales personnel have the ability and willingness to recommend the high price of the dishes.

Whether the

consumer price will increase, this is not the waiting consumer can also need to store "initiative", take more business strategy, will make the business of the shop has a better operation and development. So, if you run a spicy hot pot franchise, now you know how to raise the price it?

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