The development prospect of Chinese fast food from foreign fast food

in recent years, foreign fast food in the country more and more fire, do not say anything else, just look at KFC will know. There is a phenomenon that we do not know whether to pay attention to, almost in the vicinity of each KFC, there will be a McDonald’s across the 50 meters, then the question is, why is this? The answer is: love to kill, a good gay friend!

Kentucky from the beginning to develop more suitable for China consumer delicacy. Although traditional American fried chicken KFC has been widely Chinese consumers, KFC and did not let up the development of new products, there are Steamed Rice packages and Dragon Twister such all-weather, has also launched China style congee, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and Soybean Milk breakfast series.

is not only such cooperation with Alipay, KFC, or a kind of optimization for consumer services. Lunch and dinner in this rush checkout procrastination become a important reason to reduce consumer experience. The introduction of mobile phone payment, reducing the waste of credit card, change such a link time.

The introduction of

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