After 80 returnees entrepreneurial meat to get recognition

for succulents such special products in the current market by numerous people, at the same time also has a lot of operators. And this is the protagonist of such an operator, the difference is that he also has the identity of returnees, this has a good job, but chose to start raising meat road.

the small succulents into art, the fleshy plant greenhouses decorated lovely plant museum, allowing visitors to take home DIY fleshy bonsai…… This past weekend, planting shed in a fleshy Shenbei New Area Green Xin Yin Jia Street flower base, a special party attracts visitors and meaty operators, many local farmers or other new marketing tactics lamented: "returnees".

farming accounts in the returnees called Liu Xiaochi, 33 years old, in 2013 from the United Kingdom to study (course) to return home. At the beginning of his return, he was hired to work in a large car company in the city, the salary is good. It didn’t last long, he was obsessed with a different form, petite to succulents, rampant. The breeding, hybridization, breeding…… Later, he simply quit, to raise the meat as an entrepreneurial project. July 6th, in the Liu Xiaochi plant museum, the reporter on the front of the dark color, hair micro volume of young people’s entrepreneurial story has generated interest.

"I have been love of various plants during the study, visited the British Museum of plant, it is eye-opening, see a variety of strange plants, come back to search the Internet, many are not, at that time was determined after returning to make strange plants to keep." After Liu Xiaochi returned home, go to work, shop, game player from the side of various plants to Amoy, became his first love.

which covers an area of small, investment is not much, young people love, so he put the balcony as a fleshy laboratory, and the senior game player experience, breeding method to buy books online access to the forum to understand the fleshy, new varieties, fleshy market. With more than two years time, Xiao Chi at home successfully breeding 200 kinds of meat, which has more than 10 kinds of new products, are his own hybrid planting out, there is No.

in the hands of meat "skill", Liu Xiaochi quit his job despite his parents’ opposition, and resolutely went to Shenbei New Area Green Xin flower base greenhouses, flower beds, a shop to buy meat, invested about 800000 yuan, became a farmer. For more than a year, Liu Xiaochi and his wife put all the body and mind in the plant shop, their results also allow visitors to linger.

"is the same as farmers, Xiao Chi’s vision and ability to ordinary farmers is difficult to match. Many of his growing varieties are unique and competitive in the market." Green leaves flower base for Pan Lianxiang told reporters, Xiao Chi looking beyond, he can try to reproduce, "

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