ntroduction to the Jazz steak

this era what brand is better? Small series that Western steak market. For example, the Jazz steak project. The first landing on 2003 Sir steak Daocheng, under the leadership of chairman, adhere to the "sincere service with quality" business philosophy, and vigorously develop the catering market, and strengthen the scientific management of enterprises, creating a new mode of management of Western-style food industry. At present, the city has opened a number of large and medium-sized cities in the country.

Jazz steak franchise advantage

1, jazz steak is a very competitive brand.

2, the company’s slogan "serve every day carefully, carefully crafted every meal," a great appeal.

Individual elements of

3, a Steakhouse has have a unique style of jazz to bring customers, double taste and visual, which is similar to other companies to catch up.

4, the company has a mature staff training system, restaurant management system and improve the tracking and evaluation system.

5, the company has a complete unified procurement, distribution system, optimize the resource management capabilities.

6, strong professional planning, design team, highly cohesive team.

7, the company has a set of their own marketing strategy, to respond to the market brought about by various shocks.

Jazz steak joining process

1, through the network, mail, telephone consulting Jazz steak project.

2, face to face communication and communication with headquarters, witness the scale and strength of headquarters.

3, in line with the conditions of the headquarters, by the operation of the Ministry of audit qualification.

4, signed the contract, after the payment began to join the headquarters of the follow-up work.

5, assigned by the head of the project manager to the location of the store site visits.

6, the headquarters assigned designer for the overall planning and design of the store.

7, assigned to start the business manager, start the new store preparatory work.

8, franchisees assigned to headquarters to carry out training.

9, provide professional supervision and support to important positions, supervise and guide the store, and assist store operation guidance.


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