From the grass root fans of the three stage rocket to social entrepreneurship

each industry has different development year after year. At the beginning of each year, everyone will gather to predict the trend of next year. There are said wearable, Internet banking, said the mobile electricity supplier, it was said that education is to break out, but if I want to predict, the community economy will be the next hot spot.

but in the sense of presence, but also the pursuit of the "sense of belonging" and "identity". Like   "Rice noodles", "kerosene" is the "grass root" brand by "material yonghuai" brush "sense of belonging" embodiment. Now the product is actually show consumers taste props, define their social status, function is just an initial trigger point or starting point, if there is no product behind a certain number of fans of the group, then the product is certainly attractive, either function is not extreme, either by the user can not in the role your body.

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