Entrepreneurial ideas can come from

for Entrepreneurship with very big expectations, looking forward to embark on such a path, however, do not know what entrepreneurship can do, no idea at all. If it is completely copied the entrepreneurial ideas of others, not only to make the competition become more intense, but also difficult to achieve success without the characteristics of the business. However, the entrepreneurial ideas can come from? This is currently plagued by many entrepreneurs a problem. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the idea of entrepreneurship can come from!

(1) from their familiar place to start

want to get a good prospects for the development of entrepreneurial projects, most in need of money is certainly not " ", not necessarily is the " ", it is hard to say; passion; is not adhere to the " ", the most important is " knowledge of ". Entrepreneurs in work or in life the accumulation of knowledge.

has no personal experience of knowledge, it is difficult to produce true entrepreneurial ideas inspired by ". "; entrepreneurial projects, preferably from their knowledge, contact, familiar things in nature, their love.

(2) start from the trivial

small things start from small " " start not with no ambition at all. The world’s great event, not necessarily from some of the little things.

you on the street night market saw a man on a broken Xiali car in the corner sell sandals, leather bags, T-Shirts, can you believe that that is the beginning of WAL-MART? See you at noon lunch meal called Guy sweating, can not believe that one day he would venture more than McDonald’s fast-food chain opened? Your

jump and play with your Wii game stick, can you believe that Nintendo used to be a small shop printed cards? You open a stall in Bainaohui in stock variety of large and small MP3 player from Dongguan, can not believe there is a white one day become fashionable in the world of iPod


big business is to start small, small things easy to grasp, if you can clear things in reason, which dug up flash place, make it full of sound and colour, that you don’t have to worry about whether to make it bigger and bigger, it’s only a matter of time, just inside the multiplication coefficient problem.

(3) from the most annoying things around you start

" I hate the circle of friends all show the sun dazzle derivative scraper, I hate the battery is not durable, hate all kinds of cables, hate in hand "

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