The female nipple should how to correct the health network

experts remind that girls’ period is an important period of breast development, but also an important period to correct nipple sag. Always pull the nipple, can make breasts prominent, the skin around the support force increases, play a "fixed" effect. Home treatment effect is not obvious, should go to the hospital in time to consult, can be corrected by negative pressure suction method or surgery.

nipple retraction congenital and posterior. Congenital, is caused by dysplasia. The day after tomorrow, is due to illness or unreasonable or wear caused by tight bra corset. For the nipple part of the sag and wear inappropriate bra cause nipple depression, conservative treatment can be. If the depression or conservative treatment is invalid, surgical correction should be considered.

nipple depression home therapy

before puberty, the female breast has not yet developed, the nipple is small and flat. After puberty, with hormone levels change, menstrual cramps, breast development, nipple has gradually increased. But there are many parts of or all below the nipple areola plane, or even reverse concave, trapped under the leather, showing a volcano like, this is the inverted nipple, nipple is breast deformity.

nipple extension. Will the thumb placed in parallel on both sides of the nipple, slowly pulled to the side, pull the areola and nipple protrusion of subcutaneous tissue. Will the thumb were placed on the nipple on both sides, the longitudinal pull the nipple. Can be repeated many times, each exercise 5 to 10 minutes, so that the nipple bulge, and then use the index finger and thumb pinch the nipple gently rotate several times to pull.

syringe aspiration. Take the volume of 20 ml of disposable syringes, remove one of the pistons, with a long 10 cm of the infusion tube will be connected to the two syringes, two. The pumping device without the piston end cover in the nipple on the other end of the piston, suction injection, air cylinder produced negative pressure and suction of the nipple. Suction pressure depending on the patient’s feeling and bulging situation may be, generally do not feel pain is appropriate. To maintain the negative pressure for more than 5 minutes (the longer the holding time, the nipple is not easy to shrink).

pump suction. Nipple retraction during breast distension. Congenital nipple depression can also be.

is usually around 15 years old, when the breast is close to the adult, the patient will find his "breast" is different. But in general, the adolescent girls rarely come to see a doctor, unless there is a serious situation, such as nipple secretion increased, the formation of chronic inflammation, emitting a smell will come to see a doctor.

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