Novice open tea stores to understand what skills

China’s tea culture has a long history, for the tea, people are usually very love, love tea. Do business to join the tea business, there are a lot of problems are need to pay attention, especially a lot of people are still new, before there is no experience, there are many skills do not know. Here to introduce to you, the novice to open tea stores to understand what skills?

customers first impression of the tea store is the store. Tea shop decoration is very important, imagine a tea shop into a roadside booth decoration, tea shop who would like to go in. Therefore, within the scope of funding allowed, tea shop wall decoration, lighting, etc.. In addition, the tea shop decoration can also start from the color, the use of people to produce different colors to attract customers.

because of the characteristics of tea drinks industry, tea stores for warm color to decorate, are suitable for tea shops in the decoration, the warm colors are reasonable collocation, brighten the decoration to make sure customers stop for a moment, and even consumer desire.

as a result of the popularity is not high, so the new opening of the tea shop also want to work in propaganda. The tea shop newly opened tea stores opened at the beginning should first look at the nearby stores the same project the price of tea, and then targeted to hold free trial, half price concessions, send additional projects and other activities, and through the store posted or sent leaflets and other forms of potential consumers know that.

The content of

is introduced in detail on the novice open tea stores to understand what skills, we must also know that entrepreneurship is not easy, we also need some detailed understanding, after understanding these, after the business has a lot of benefits.

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