The small business dingguagua County

some people will think that the market is too small in the county, there are regional limitations, but is in such a small market there will be first-rate business, what business? At present, the number of comic books in China is very small, and the comic book store is very limited. More comic lovers are exposed to comic books through the Internet and even other illegal forms. Open a fine comic shop, naturally promising.

business with a small capital

in the name of a bookstore to make the hearts of young people "free station", young shopkeeper Lee sharp thinking, keen fashion shop bookstore to jump out of the inherent mode, quality based, highly popular culture, and pay much attention to the bookstore style and furnishings, shop three months will quickly open the market to attract many young people come around, and occupy a space for one person in the minds of young people.

Near the

exquisite decoration

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