The menstrual period to eat what female health network

The first third days of menstruation to

three, eat some food

menstruation women often feel pain, poor appetite, this time women can eat some meat, chicken, red dates, bean curd, apple, coix seed, beef, milk, egg, sugar, motherwort, angelica, rehmannia, peach etc..

five, menstrual skin care beauty diet

four, eat more foods that increase appetite and relieve fatigue

female menstruation often appear some emotional changes, for example, often become irritable, nervous, irritable, in fact, these negative emotions can be adjusted through the diet improved during menstruation, alleviate bad mood can eat some grapefruit, lean pork, cabbage, celery, rice, duck’s egg, fried Atractylodes, Chinese yam, Coix, lily, white gourd, kelp, sea cucumber, gold sponge gourd, carrot, white radish, walnuts, black fungus, mushrooms, etc..

liver QiWhen

if the menstrual period eating on the negative impact not only, but also conducive to the beauty of the female body, there are many benefits, for example, has a very good beauty to eat some ginger and jujube brown sugar water, ginger Yiyiren porridge, black glutinous rice red dates porridge menstrual function.

women after puberty since every month to menstruation, menstrual period of female body in general is relatively weak, if this period in life do not pay attention, eat cold things, or touch the cold can lead to a series of physical discomfort, especially may cause even dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and some food is especially suitable for the menstrual period to eat these foods on the female body is very good in the menstrual period to eat, said the following about what the female menstrual period to eat.

a, menstruation breast feeding

is the best opportunity to breast, this time ovarian secrete large amounts of estrogen, the hormone directly affects female chest fullness, can stimulate the breast fat accumulation, the menstrual period to actively cooperate with the corresponding diet can play a very good effect of breast. During this period, you can eat more carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts.

menstrual blood loss will be part of the main components in the blood, plasma protein and potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and other inorganic salt, so the menstrual period needs positive blood, with blood effect of foods are milk, egg, eggs, quail egg, beef, sheep meat, pig, Gorgon, spinach litchi, longan pulp, cherry, meat, carrots, apples, etc.

female menstrual period to eat what? The above describes the female menstrual period is more appropriate to eat some of the food, women can eat more during menstruation, there are many benefits for women’s body oh. >

two, menstrual blood food

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