The 10 principles of online Entrepreneurship

with the popularity of the network, as well as the success of Taobao, Dangdang and other online platforms, prompting more and more online entrepreneurs. But the virtual network platform, if not careful, entrepreneurship is likely to end in failure. Here, the small series will share with you all the 10 principles of online entrepreneurship must have.

1. to their own interests, do their most interested in things.

2. from their best place to cut. Yang has long, to avoid their own short.

3., the firm’s own beliefs, enhance their confidence, do not always feel something improperly belittle oneself, not as good as people.

4. said to do it, immediately put the idea into practice, in the dry, gradually determine the direction of development.

5. do not be afraid of their own projects and others crash. In fact, any project has its shortcomings, you do poineering work, it start from the deficiencies of others, in order to achieve the "new in order to be different".

6. don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is no disgrace. Anyone has failed. Success and greatness are built on failure.

7. at the beginning of the big investment. Network entrepreneurship is not hardware, mainly in the software, the wisdom and diligence of individuals. Money is the basic entrepreneurial skills.

8. to be on the Internet for a long time, familiar with the internet. At least one or more aspects of the Internet to get a thorough understanding of the establishment of the right to speak in that respect.

9. don’t chase the so-called "hot" or "cold". Personal entrepreneurship is to show personal characteristics and style, how to do, how to do.

10. to have a protracted war mental preparation and psychological preparation. Especially to the venture firm faith and confidence, the ability to eliminate interference of the trained.

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