Succulents shop to join the online shop selling millions of years into succulents

filed succulents, you know? Recently the most popular online shop to join the project is succulents. Want can focus on the following succulents shop to join the project shop business friends on the Internet, if you choose this project, your shop can certainly make a lot of money, millions of years into no problem.

succulents succulents, also known as succulent plants, gardening is sometimes called a fleshy flower, but in the name of the most commonly used succulents.   succulents refers to a portion of the plant vegetative organs such as stems, or Ye Huogen (the two part with a few species) has developed parenchyma is used to store water, is a succulent plant in the shape of.


nowadays succulents popular urban white-collar favorite, in the flower market is very popular. Taobao big and small online florist, succulents have also become a kind of popular horticultural commodities. However, gardening and flower electricity providers are often faced with two problems: timely and reliable logistics and distribution, and how to meet the needs of consumers. Born after 80 Nanjing Icydaizy and her partner in February this year to join the market, has achieved good results through Taobao platform. She is how to solve these problems, the current business net sales of succulent plants and the influence factor and the successful development of the


brings opportunities this situation to the flower electricity supplier entrepreneurs. The operating cost of the online channel is much lower than that of the real flower shop, and the operators can also bear a lower profit. In addition, small entrepreneurs in the current environment is easier to find suitable for the cultivation of land, low land rent is very beneficial to entrepreneurs. In addition, all kinds of flowers, succulent plants is subject to a variety of individual consumers, affected by the policy environment. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are interested in gardening. However, higher requirements on the planting technology of most flowering plants, non professionals will often take the recommended

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