Land auction does not act according to the rules of Shanghai out of 374 million huge ticket

in the face of soaring prices on the market this year, our government has actively taken measures to supervise, but some companies still do not act according to the rules. Under the market regulation layers of overweight Shanghai land market, opened the first huge ticket. The evening of December 12th, Shanghai land market announcement said, Xu Hui group company in a land auction in September this year, "not to sell notes within the stipulated time of bidding", such breach will be included in the credit archives, and has submitted 374 million non refundable deposit.

reporter learned that Nanjing had in 2010 because the developer fails to timely payment of land, housing prices confiscated 230 million margin, can be expected in regulatory policy tightening now, developers will be more careful to purchase.

Xu Hui group or 3 years shall not buy in Shanghai

according to the Shanghai land market in last night’s announcement, Shanghai Asahi prepared Industrial Co. Ltd. (Xuhui group company) in Qingpu District in South Western Hongqiao between 39-04, 40-02, Xu Min road 41-02, 43-01 block, 40-01 underground space and land plots in activities connected in the construction land use rights transfer violation of the provisions, transfer documents, not to sell notes within the stipulated time of bidding.

also violated the company’s bid for the self commitment. Therefore, the land management department of Shanghai decided to include the company’s breach of the integrity of the file, and has submitted 374 million yuan deposit is not refundable.

The reporter then check the

plots of the "transfer notice", its attachments for breach of the definition is: 1, the bidder has bid qualification not in transfer documents within the specified time of bidding; 2, a violation of the terms of bid will not be accepted; 3, the bidding documents for invalid bidding documents; 4, the bidder privately contact the relevant personnel. In the method, in addition, credited to the integrity of the files also confiscate the deposit, the bidder shall be three years in Shanghai City, the land auction, which means that the Xuhui group may be boarded the Shanghai land market "black list in the next three years".

does not recognize the price ticket housing prices to recover margin

for this is the history of Shanghai land on the ticket price, Xu Hui group after the announcement made it clear that "not approved" in the announcement, Zhong Xuhui group said on Shanghai Land Trading Center punishment notice of objection, and that to recover the deposit.


announcement that Shanghai Xuhui required to pay a deposit, the provisions of the bidding on the same day, "not timely attend the land bidding, the final transfer of land to other recommended bid

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