Women hold the arm very hurt when walking to breast hip when sitting to chest health network w

, for example, many women usually like to hold their arms, which is the most unfavorable position of the breast. At the same time the two sides of the breast to form a serious oppression, so that it is under strong external pressure deformation. For a long time, not only to lose a strong breast rounded curve, cause breast sagging, serious will affect breast development. The correct posture should be to relax the hands naturally placed on both sides of the legs, or holding hands in front of the abdomen, so that the breast is not subject to any pressure from the body, breathing, stretching, natural growth.

will increase the burden of lumbar spine, hinder the blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles, often straight waist, tired standing against the wall a few minutes, the chest will make you comfortable.



damage to the breast posture also includes:


in order to maintain breast beauty, women’s daily maintenance suggestions through the movement of the breast, to do some deep breathing, such as chest, arms, waist movement, help activating meridians, promoting qi and blood, prevent breast tissue aging. At home, you can massage the health of the breast.

will squeeze the breast that make them suffer. Should minimize the tummy to sleep, it is best to take back to right-wing position, or it will make serious compression of the chest, breast ptosis, depression.

In addition to this,

arm is very hurt breast

people lean sideways or lying on the table, will make the chest at the fulcrum of extruding, if the edge of the table and other hard objects of oppression for nearly 1.5 hours, but also interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, causing adverse consequences. The correct posture should be: the upper body basically straight, chest about 10 cm away from the desk.

often a compression of the chest will affect the chest health organization. Should walk to keep the back straight, abdomen, arm, the overall feeling of the upper body upward. When sitting, should the chest rise, straighten this curve will appear chest moving.


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