Under the national network has become the first choice of electricity supplier Entrepreneurship

now the wave of national network has been more and more entrepreneurs began to enter the electricity supplier industry. In order to support the electricity supplier business, Hebei is also actively launched the plan, in three years, 2016~2018 plans to support the province’s 300 thousand entrepreneurs.

reporter from human resources and Social Security Department of Hebei province learned to follow the "double" tide, the day before the start of Hebei province "employment" three year action plan plan in 2016~2018 years the province will support entrepreneurship 300 thousand (including 30 thousand students), led 900 thousand people in employment, entrepreneurship training 600 thousand people. Construction of various types of entrepreneurial incubation base, entrepreneurial park, creating a record of more than 400 public space, etc.. Among them, 40 thousand and 500 people start to support the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang city plan (of which 6 thousand students of stone), led 121 thousand and 500 people in employment, entrepreneurship training 81 thousand people, the construction of various types of business incubator Park, business park, a passenger space public record space more than 55 new business loans 270 million yuan.


youth home business

of giving up a good salary

last September, Liu Zhuang County, Guantao, a large village in 1991, born in the village of the village opened its own electricity supplier service station in the village of. Only four computers in the store still can not meet the villagers came to online shopping, to see him, he was familiar with the villagers, while maintaining the store’s shopping team order.

Liu Jiaqi graduated from Handan Vocational Education Center, NC technology learning after graduation in 2010 he was a Langfang company from "good wages in Langfang, but it is a stranger, do not feel at home." Liu Jiaqi said with a smile, when I heard this news Alibaba in Handan to recruit partners, he resolutely abandoned the work to open up rural Taobao shop.

"pre written questions are how to online shopping, if the return of such problems, small means," for Liu Jiaqi, online shopping is "eyes can do it for 90".


store opening, Liu Jiaqi has his own goal, first for the villagers to do service, such as stability and ideas to help the village agricultural products to the world."

electricity supplier cited white-collar home

1984 year old Wang Jing considered rural Taobao partner in the older one, but she is also a higher education. She in 2007 after graduating from Hebei Agricultural University to work in Zhuhai, pesticide sales, her husband worked in Shenzhen HUAWEI, eight years through the efforts of two people to count off income. The child was born this year, no one has been thinking about going home. Ma Yun announced on May that Taobao into the countryside, I think it is for me." Li Qiao Cun of Guantao County, Wang Jian

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