On how Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang Qian

Hot pot why popular small, I personally think is one of the main reasons that can make a Hot pot pot can meet a variety of different flavors of dinner friends, let friends can get the ultimate fun at dinner. The humble Chuanchuan Xiang is a China Hot pot in Shanghai for leisure entertainment, friendship, friends, together with a humanistic culture Hot pot shop. Mainly for the following groups:

1, college graduation season for college students graduation dinner, dinner, emotional exchange, share the feeling of parting, on the humble Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot is a good choice, quiet environment, eating is secondary, the most important thing is to eat at the same time, can let the graduates in a pleasant mood to spend, on Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang Qian provide rich beer drinks and other characteristics.

2, family reunion, Hot pot is a plurality of people dining options, Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang so that everyone can choose their own love dishes into the Hot pot in cooked, for everyone’s taste in different age stages. Hot pot can eat a string of fragrant warm atmosphere in the dining, but also enhance the harmony of the family.

3 and friends dinner, take him in the Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang friends dinner features have rise above the common herd dating couples, family gatherings, and friends dinner is on the main characteristics of the brand project abraham.

on the humble Chuanchuan Xiang projects are all Hot pot dishes have their own R & D team, hired a famous master of research for the production of food, entertainment and leisure friends catering project design and, as the brand characteristics on him. Is 80, 90, 00 after the best choice. You can order rooms, parking spaces and a variety of exquisite dishes in front of him last supper service Hot pot of the shop, to provide free WiFi service Hot pot shop, free WiFi, payment support Alipay, WeChat and other mobile terminal payment, convenient and quick.

on the

Hot pot dishes Chuanchuan Xiang Qian

homemade beef pot pot shrimp shrimp string string slip flower egg crisp duck gizzard plum secret chicken

yellow secret tender beef tender beef Australia beef spicy catfish flower Jennifer duck

Chicken Skewer duck oil gluten flower cattle hoof Jesus buckle fresh goose intestinal characteristics pot pot super Australia snowflake beef shrimp homemade.

address: Pudong New Area Pudong Road No. 999 room 401B

Xinmei Plaza

on the evaluation of customer Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang Qian

1, in general, is good, that is, Shanghai consumer

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