Graduates do science and technology enterprises can obtain million venture subsidy policy is awesome


policy was vigorously encourage entrepreneurship, because they have the knowledge, innovative thinking, better able to help the implementation of innovation policy, promote economic development, but also promote the development of science and technology.

I support with independent intellectual property rights, with the international advanced level of the domestic first-class scientific and technological achievements or the technology inside and outside the province team to carry out the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui, giving 3 million yuan shares and 6 million yuan, 10 million yuan to meet the conditions for the team classification.

to receive unemployment insurance during self employment personnel, medical insurance can receive a one-time did not receive unemployment insurance, payment, business success can receive a one-time start-up subsidies. The minimum living security object of their own business, you can give 3 months of relief period. The new venture fails to pay social insurance premiums in accordance with their personal status, according to their business tax situation to give certain social insurance subsidies.



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