How to join the snacks

Town God’s Temple as China temple as an important Chinese people worship, respected. In Chinese many shopping malls also called Town God’s Temple, which is the capital of Chinese every city and some shopping malls, Xiaobian introduce today with some of the relationship, "the snack" formerly known as "Town God’s Temple snacks world" and "Yu Shen Park, Shanghai Xinghuang Food Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in traditional snack chain in business, the company inherited the essence of traditional Town God’s Temple snacks and improvement, in order to promote the Chinese food culture as its mission, is committed to the development of the Chinese special snack, improvement and spread of Chinese food culture.

is a diversified company in the catering industry, formed a "city snack" chain, "the delivery" fast food distribution enterprises and canteen contractor other integrated projects, the company owns several "Chenghuang snacks" "shop," and the canteen contractor on-site operation project, located in Shanghai and the surrounding a region, and set up a branch in Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing and other places.

The unique formula of

company after years of development, has been recognized by the market, can not climb the threshold is set to competitors, protect the interests of franchisees. Depending on the brand, such as the life of the company, under the premise of strict product quality assurance, the brand image as a key project, in public relations, publicity, promotion and other aspects of the formation of a rigorous process and the overall plan. Market investigation headquarters is also responsible for the stores the values, sites, free store design, daily operation and management. Careful and rigorous data analysis, refined uniform style of decoration – for each franchise, headquarters will undergo rigorous market research and data analysis, the scientific management of the store to help franchisees successful operation.

join process:

1, understand the company’s strengths, fill in the application form

2, confirm the location of the shop, pay a deposit, signed a cooperation agreement

3, store location evaluation

4, signed a cooperation contract, to pay the relevant costs, to complete the formalities

5, store design and decoration, license bid, recruitment

6, decoration acceptance, publicity planning, staff training


, ready to shop opened up

8, officially opened

9, follow-up support

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